Filou Blond read our Tasting Notes

Today we were at the De Roskam in Houten, The Netherlands. The location only had one kind of blond beer, so we had to give that one a shot. We got the Filou blond. This is a Belgium Pale Ale created by Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck.

Filou Blond

The Filou blond is available in a bottle and on the tap. The one we had was served from the tap. When it got served it had a nice golden color combined with a medium top-off head that dissolves slowly. When we continued to smell the Filou bond it had some aromas of sweet fruit and a bit of banana.

Then the most important part. The Filou Blond has a strong taste. This isn’t that strange when you know that it has an 8.5% alcohol level. Besides the strong alcohol taste, it comes with a sweet and lightly bitter taste. I had some fruity notes before it goes to a spicy finish.


The Filou Blond is a nice beer. It’s enjoyable and I would buy it again. However, it’s not the best Belgium beer out there.

Final Note

Just to state the obvious. Taste is something personal, while I could really like a beer you could really dislike it. And that isn’t something bad, it’s just how taste works. This article isn’t a rating and just an opinion. If you share the same opinion or have a completely different opinion please let us know in the comments.

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